The astounding work of Dr. George Merkl

Dr. George Merkl was born and raised in the Soviet Union in the early 20th century, where he earned a PhD in physics. In the wake of some serious difficulties with the Soviet authorities in the 1940s just after the end of World War II, he emigrated to the USA in the 1950s, settling primarily in the El Paso, Texas area. He reportedly worked briefly for the US Naval Weapons Laboratory in the field of nuclear weapons research and then went into partnership with a few other PhD-level colleagues in forming a private R&D laboratory which primarily performed contractual R&D services for the US Naval Weapons Laboratory and for other defense-related sectors of the US government; much of his research work was still apparently in the realms of nuclear weapons development and the design of nuclear reactors for use on submarines. He often claimed in later years -- when he had shifted his focus to the field of esoteric nutritional supplements -- that he had been awarded over 400 patents between 1955 and 1980, and that many of them had been immediately classified as top secret by the NSA due to their applicability in defense-critical areas.

Dr. Merkl was badly injured in at least two accidental laboratory explosions during the 1960s and 1970s, and one of them also reportedly left him with severe plutonium poisoning due to inhalation of airborne plutonium particles. Concomitantly, he also developed several chronic and severe health problems commonly associated with aging, including heart disease, and it is safe to assume that his earlier injuries and the plutonium poisoning only greatly exacerbated these chronic illnesses. In the mid-1970s, Dr. Merkl suffered several severe heart attacks, and in the wake of his last one, apparently in early springtime of 1977, he was essentially sent home from the hospital by his doctors to die; they had reportedly advised him that his heart disease was beyond help and that he likely had only weeks to live; he also reportedly had rather severe bowel cancer at the time, with at least one large cancerous mass in his lower bowel.  Now, this is where the story gets weird and where the fun begins....

Merkl reported in later years that he had several mystical experiences in those weeks after he had been sent home to die in 1977, and most of these experiences seemed to happen at night, during sleep. He later claimed that angelic beings had come to him during these mystical experiences, and had told him that it was not necessary for him to die from his illnesses, and they offered to guide him along the steps to a speedy recovery. Merkl reported that he accepted their offer, and that he was, in short order, instructed to go out to the field his lower backyard -- it happened to be early springtime -- and to carefully cut the pre-blossom rosebuds off the wild rose vines growing there, and was advised to collect the liquid sap that would emerge from the cut tips of the plant stems over the next few days. He was instructed to process this small quantity of liquid in a modest and simple alchemy-like process, and was then guided to drink it. He was, within a few weeks time, cured of his heart disease and of the cancer, and of a number of other illnesses from which he had also been suffering.


excerpted from...

Dr. George Merkl and his Solar-Fermented Life Crystals and Sumerian Elixir Products -- by Vinny Pinto

The Stafire Project seeks to renaissance the unfinished work of these giants and to now complete their research in a current paradigm where the quantum supersedes the linear. 



Whatever one believes about the alleged source of this work; whether from the workings of Providence or hard cannot deny that the research speaks for itself - as attested in the in vitro videos below - the microscope does not lie.


In the first video below the investigative scientist is quoted as saying...

"This is one of the greatest secular discoveries in history of medicine" 

We believe at The Starfire Project -- Dr. Merkl has gained honorary status in the halls of the greats such as Einstein, Tesla, Rife, Walter Russell, and a host of other unsung heroes. 


Similarly, Friedrich Gottlieb Brieger an associate of Walter Russell in the 1930s, wrote:


"Call Walter Russell a fantastic dreamer if you will, but after all, we must believe in dreamers. Without them the realist would make scant progress and man would still be primitive.″

Chondriana - Life Crystals
in vitro microscopic natural formation

"Dr. George Merkl may very well be one of those unsung geniuses quietly busy revolutionizing health, the world's food supply and cost of energy."


He says,


"Nourish the body; it will thrive for a time. If you nourish the genes, it may thrive 100, 150 or 200 years".

His findings which he's titled "Life Crystals" and "Chondrianas" are most establishment-shaking, if true.


Dr. Merkl and his team "Produced gem grade diamonds and made them at various D spacing with brilliant luster and variations in colors. They researched and made fundamental discoveries related to cold fusion, transmuting aluminum-26 plus hydrogen to aluminum-27 1/2 isotope." In their "second cold fusion reaction, . . . [they achieved the ultimate by transmuting sodium, silicon, and nitrogen, to titanium, iron, and manganese, while releasing enormous amounts of energy [on a microscale]."


Such experiments led to development of Life Crystals, which, in turn, led to discovery of microscopic, virtually intelligent "Chondrianas." "In their third cold fusion experiment, the researchers were able to advance far ahead of current technology, and actually reversed the spin of the proton," a new ability to control atomic particles which allows control of the bonding energies in chemistry.


This work set the stage for creation of "synthetic transducers"and later to the natural energy transducers, those chemical structures that use a newly discovered form of energy called "Scroll Energy" which is "free" and promotes the life process."


"In some respects, this scroll energy can be described as the Breath of Creation."

If these discoveries are true -- regarding the function and value of Life Crystals and Chondrianas -- and their interpretation of them even close to being correct, no one can afford to ignore their implications and use.


Like the fantasy-figure, Superman, who, at a single bound, overtakes the fastest engine of destruction and neutralizes it, 


"these researchers have seemed to abolish the need for pharmaceutical industries, the complex of interacting agri-industry giants and the constant search for cheap and clean fuel."


Their alleged astounding discoveries are based on application of nuclear physics to the biology of life and, like every other finding on the basic nature of reality, has seemed to cut through the Gordian knot of health, food supply and energy.


Do you believe this?


Well, it's too good to be true, and so you must either be the pessimist or the optimist. Possibly only by personal experimentation will you be able to decide that it therefore could not be true, or that it therefore must be true.


The reported discoveries are of such an order of magnitude that one simply cannot afford not to investigate Dr. Merkl's research, to try their developments and to make a decision oneself, especially at the relatively low costs for doing so."



Life Crystals and Chondrianas

by  Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr.

Published on: 4/1/1992


Dr Merkl died of mysterious causes in 2002.  His legacy research is still changing the world. 

Video of New Frontiers in Molecular Biology: Life Crystals Capturing the Sun.  A rare archive video of Merkl's research with 3rd party scientific validation, including in vitro videos of Chondrianas killing Cancer cells. This is the blueprint of Dr. Merkl's work.
This video covers Dr. Merkl's revelation of the origins of the Life Crystals and Chondrianas as based in ancient Sumerian sacred geometry.  For the advanced student but an eye opener to all investigators.